The Ultimate Fly Rod Transporter

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will it scratch my paint?

Answer: No, if you follow the directions and place it only when the area is cleaned off. You do not want to "slide the unit around" once it is attached to the vehicle. If you need to re-adjust the position, lift the unit up and then re-attach it.

Question: How long does it take to remove and reattach the fishing rod?

Answer: Just a few seconds! People who see it for the first time are amazed at how quick the fly rod is removed and reattached. There are no straps, bungee cords, or anything else that needs to be attached. A flip lock ensures that there is no way the rod will come out.

Question: Can I use this with my fly rod rigged up?

Answer: Absolutely. It is designed to have a fully rigged line with the hook in the hook keeper. Simply remove the rod from the holder and you are instantly ready to fish. We have driven thousands of road miles with the fly rod "ready to go" without tangles or breakage of lines.

Question: My hood has a slight bow in it? Will the unit stay on?

Answer: Yes! The magnets will swivel and adjust for any "crown" in the hood or roof.

Question: I have a large truck and can barely reach the top of the cab. How will this work for my vehicle?

Answer: It works excellent! This is the best feature of the Kwik Catch and was designed especially for larger vehicles. Once the Kwik Catch Transporter is secured on the vehicle, the fishing rods can be removed by just removing the rod handles from the base unit and turning the rod at 30 degrees. The tip of the rod slides up and out of the slot. Placing the rods back into the unit is just as quick. Access to the rods is at the front of the hood. No need to climb up to remove the tips.

Question: Will the rod tips fly out of the holder? Won't they flap around in the wind?

Answer: The specially designed tip holder will not allow the tips to come out unless the rod handle is out of the base unit. They do not flap around as they are aerodynamic (similar to your antenna).

Question: How fast can I drive with the holders?

Answer: We have fishing guides and customers who take them on the freeways!!! Not that we suggest this. We had one customer who drove over 300 miles on a freeway in the Pacific Northwest stopping along the way to fish in a few spots!

Question: Will they rattle off on bumpy or washboard roads?

Answer: They have been tested thoroughly on every type of road imaginable. The special vinyl pads keep the unit from sliding around and the strength of the magnets is unbelievable.

Question: Will it work with a fighting butt?

Answer: Yes. The back of the base unit is hollow and will accept long handles and rods with fighting butts up to 1 1/4" diameter.

Question: Why should I buy this thing?

Answer: As we all know, we have a limited amount of time to fish. The Kwik Catch transporter increases the amount of time you actually get to fish and reduces the risk of breaking your fishing rod. It saves time so you don't have to break the rod down between fishing holes. Fishing guides who drive clients along rivers find this to be one of the most useful tools they have to increase fishing time! It eliminates broken rods from doors, tailgates, stepping on them, or setting something on them. They can even be rigged up in the holders because there are no bungee cords or straps holding them in place.