The Ultimate Fly Rod Transporter

Perfect for the avid fly fisherman or guide!

No more wasted time breaking down rods in between fishing holes.
Rig your rod at home or base camp and head out for a full day of fishing.

Introducing the new Kwik Catch Ultimate Fly Rod Transporter!

Kwik Catch on a car

It has revolutionized the way anglers transport their fishing rods while moving up and down the river to their next favorite fishing spot. Super strong magnets generate a huge amount of magnetic force to keep the unit securely fastened even at highway speeds (we aren't going to tell you HOW FAST this has been tested to... Not sure what the statute of limitations are on speeding!) But rest assured, its not going to come off! The special vinyl pads on the base of the magnets will prevent scratches on your vehicle's finish and it's fully adjustable to fit almost any make and model vehicle.

No bungee cords or straps, no climbing on the roof of the vehicle to unlatch your rod. No more broken rod tips for those that lay them in the back of a truck bed or busted eyelets for you SUV drivers. It is perfect for the fishing guide or avid fly fisherman who wants to be spending more time fishing and less time fussing with their fishing rods while moving along the river.

Simply place the tip of the rod at an angle into the tip holder on the roof of the vehicle. Straighten the rod out and slide the handle back into the base unit. Flip the lock forward and drive! It IS that quick!

Kwik Catch features: